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Orient Bay Salt Picking Journal 1957

This unique journal records the work of salt pickers at the Orient Bay salt pond in 1957. This is near the end of salt production on the island. It could even be the last harvest on the Orient Bay pond. The journal records the amount of salt picked each day by each worker, so it includes the names of everyone who was harvesting salt during this season. Tally marks indicated salt picked. In some cases, five tallies equal one barrel. In other cases, each tally equals a barrel.

Most of the writing was done in pencil, making this journal more difficult to scan because the pencil marks reflect direct light. At this time, December 2020, at least one of the salt pickers recorded in this journal is still living.

Download the PDF of Orient Bay Salt Picking Journal 1957.

The cover of the journal.
Typical journal pages.

Orient Bay Salt Journal 1936-1950

This journal is a ledger from the collection of Pierre Beauperthuy. It records salt sales and expenses from the Orient Bay salt pond during the period 1936 to 1950. The first fifteen pages are a ledger of income and expenses. After a blank section, there are nine pages recording salt reaping in 1949 and 1950. This section includes the amount picked daily by worker and other expenses.

Download a PDF of Orient Bay Salt Journal 1936-1950.